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    Since ancient times, military banners are considered to be a symbol of merit, valor, glory and battle traditions.
    This is a real relic, animate object, which keeps the heroic story of the lives of many soldiers and the loss of which often means death or disbanding of the entire squad. If you're brave enough, agile and able to capture the enemy flag, it promises you and your squad honor, praise and great reward!


    From 14th January, 2017, on E-Global’ Gracia Final starts new event “Capture the Flag” in which anyone can become a true hero and get not only the honor, respect and love of the most beautiful women, but also very nice prizes.

    Capture the flag - is an automatic pvp oriented event, in which players on the basis of their category, are divided into 2 teams (blue and red). The main goal of each team is to capture the flag bearer, the flag on enemy territory and transferring it to their base. To take part in the event you have to make a registration during a specially allotted time at the Event NPC’s which will be located on the Giran square and near Gatekeepers at other towns.
    To win you need to capture the enemies’ flag 3 times, and if within 30 minutes neither of the teams reaches this goal, the winner will be a squad which will destroy the most of counter force!


    - 19:00, 21:00, 23:00 CET / GMT +1
    Conditions for participation:
    The event is open for players in 4 categories based on the level of the character (40-55, 56-68, 69-76, 77-85)

    The players of the winning team will receive a prize coins, the amount is determined by the category (the greater the level, the more coins).
    Players can exchange coins from the Event NPC for the next prizes:

    [​IMG] Rune of Experiance [30%].
    [​IMG] Enchant Scroll C-S grade.
    [​IMG] Soulshot/blessed soulshot pack A-S grade.
    [​IMG] Fresh/Sweet coctail.
    [​IMG] Great Healing potions.
    [​IMG] Blessed Scroll of Escape / Blessed Scroll of Resurrection
    [​IMG] Agathion Auxiliary Stone: Enchant Armor
    [​IMG] Giant's Codex - Mastery
    [​IMG] Lucky box
    • Fresh Fruit Cocktail
    • Sweet Fruit Cocktail
    • Blessed Spiritshot S Grade Pack
    • Soulshot S Grade Pack
    • Blessed Enchant Armor: B Grade
    • Blessed Enchant Armor: A-Grade
    • Blessed Enchant Weapon: A-grade
    • Blessed Enchant Armor: S-Grade
    • Blessed Enchant Weapon: S-grade
    • Dark Stone
    • Holy stone
    • Fire stone
    • Water Stone
    • Earth Stone
    • Wind Stone
    • Fire Crystal
    • Water Crystal
    • Earth Crystal
    • Wind Crystal
    • Dark Crystal
    • Holy Crystal
    • Giant codex
    • Giant's Codex - Mastery
    • Bonus coin

    Please make sure that you've updated your client to the latest version via our launcher.
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    The list of the reward has been updated.
    Event was launched on a live server!

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    First of all, nice of u to do this, took u a LONG time, but its cool.

    ...and now:
    1) can u please make the delay between friggin announcements longer? like my entire chat is spammed with only announcements about the CtF its not even funny.
    2) is your Event NPC (56-68) bugged? no dialog window appears, the other two work fine. >>> oh ok, it seems that when the battle beggins, the NPC doesnt give any dialogue option ... that seems a bit wierd, mby change that to display who is currently battleing or something, showing "nothing" is rly not a good thing, ppl might think its bugged as i originaly thought.
    3) r u serious there is no "no limit" or "76-85" ? like wtf? 99% ppl who still playing here r 82-85 lvls, so your idea of fun is for us to lvl another low lvl chars to go play CtF with them? wow ... (if there is an NPC for 76-85 then i apologize, but i dont see it)
    4) some of those rewards r broken as shit ... Mcrit chance x2? speed +7? rotfl ... do u even realize how much advantage this will give ppl on oly? like it aint unbalanced already for most :p
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