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  1. Vincent

    Vincent Heir

    nobody goes to 9v9 unless u were sure u could win even like that , u lost and thats all about it get on ur knees beg for mercy now..sorry if my existance upset you.
  2. jacksonmo

    jacksonmo Knight

    Holy shit your nearly as delusional as Zobi.

    Go watch every fraps after this fight ( which was day 1 btw, no rebirths, no noble vs archers with cat ol noble and resists), we destroyed u guys every single fight after this, when we got noble, when we didn rebirths, and actually started m critting.
    The difference between our guys and the tryhards of qb, is YOU would only take a 9v9 that you are supposed to win. WE knew we were fucked before the fight even began. Archers critting for 2.5-3 k with + 3 bows, mages nuking for 300. First day of server kind of shit. Anyway. Literally every pvp that happened after this "organized, official , and fair 9v9":

    You albs, you clutch at every "victory" you get. Same way zobi tries to fuking spam TF 9v9's to core tf players, claiming hes better then them . Like, nigga im in the vid with you xD.
  3. Mephisto

    Mephisto Heir

  4. ZoBiNaTiOn

    ZoBiNaTiOn Knight

    Dont put my name everywhere jack, you need 10 more years of l2 to get on my level, there's no core tf, tf was made by 70% of ci and 30% of random peple deal with that. And also nobody gives a fuck for how much were criting, they had the same gears as you, no rebirths also. Stop with the excuses you fucking kids .
  5. jacksonmo

    jacksonmo Knight

    Won first day pvps cuz mages sucked without reworks. Even tryharded and got 2 nbole bps, Brought 3 to the 9v9. Vs 2 non noble bps, and mages who nuke for 300.

    if that isnt tryharding / fear of failing, Idk what the fuck is.

    We were legit laughing at how raped we were going to get, and you guys were legit ecstatic to win.

    Just alb things.
  6. jacksonmo

    jacksonmo Knight

    The only good fraps you have in 9v9 are half my fuking players, and half hush's fuking players.

    Get real dude.
  7. ZoBiNaTiOn

    ZoBiNaTiOn Knight

    The only 9vs9 that (tf haha) won its vs sgc.
    Go and check it on youtube, it says tf vs sgc while theres 2 pll of tf in that party. You cant do much alone and you know that, maybe you can kill some br clans on x100 servers, we left l2gold and you guys lost baium to some nonfactor clans. Im pretty sure you will emo on this e global.
  8. jacksonmo

    jacksonmo Knight

    This is how 18 v 18 goes with u guys.

    Kill your ma and the other 17 of u stand there likle fucking stunned mullets. Like welp, our only decent player is dead, we out , just run.

    Same shit different server:

    Ppl would stop shit talking if you guys stopped pretending to be the master race all of a sudden.
  9. ZoBiNaTiOn

    ZoBiNaTiOn Knight

    the only pvp you got is this one, and it wasnt counted pvp. i wasnt rdy for this, people called me and i got summon without checking the setups , im not gonna sit here posting fraps like you do, i can get more that 10 video that we shiting on tf, get out of my topic i know how shit you guys are .
  10. jacksonmo

    jacksonmo Knight

    Jesus christ. xD
  11. jacksonmo

    jacksonmo Knight

    Thats why u rushed us with foi was it?

    Fucking idiot
  12. jacksonmo

    jacksonmo Knight

    Instigates the pvp.

    Claims he wasnt ready.

    Vincent was literally just quoted as saying " you dont accept fights u know your not going to win"

    Just alb things.
  13. Vincent

    Vincent Heir

    another jealous loser , zobis attitude is bad as u say but he's right 100% u're not even close at his lvl , u're another desperate person.
    i can see u're already mad for calling ppl idiots without anybody flaming , but as i said u're a son of a whore that nobody has to respect on, motherfcker
    tell me now i am flaming son
  14. Sjipz0r

    Sjipz0r Vagabond

    who is on ControlFreak in this? useless as fuck tank LMFAOO

    that was a 8v9 ;P
  15. AnichCrew

    AnichCrew Elder

    lol sepharoth posting fraps thats against br's or some random cp made by yeahthepro XDD,cool 9v9's havent seen tf win 9v9 expect if its against bart,

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