Discussion in 'Clan recruitment' started by ZoBiNaTiOn, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. Seen

    Seen Vagabond

  2. ZoBiNaTiOn

    ZoBiNaTiOn Knight

    yes please?
  3. braveheart

    braveheart Knight

    lol ,you know a group is dead when is full filling slots over with anich.
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  4. AnichCrew

    AnichCrew Elder

    poor brave,keep playing some java br servers while im playing the best servers around with the best players around,u gonna feel what i mean when server will open
  5. qRt

    qRt Elder

    Too much words from a person that failed fog for a full party and was more usefull as a cp bot than as a real OL, you are the worst party member somebody can have, anich. Be quiet and dont show yourself with a posts like this.
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  6. AnichCrew

    AnichCrew Elder

    isnt the guy qrt that was complaining even about rain? they say people must learn from ur mistakes but i guess you dont count for real person
  7. qRt

    qRt Elder

    You failed everything you were told to do. Every fight, every move you made, every simple thing was filled with your retarded 55iq java smell.
    Even frnki, who was protecting you first week said that you are a worthless moron in the end. 2 hours primetime, askew hands and low iq, good party member, pink princes. You didnt learn anything for a complete month, so once again i say, just in case you finaly learned to learn - dont open your mouth, when everybody knows that you are just a dog.
  8. Mephisto

    Mephisto Heir

  9. Medovyi

    Medovyi Knight

    clown fiesta
  10. AnichCrew

    AnichCrew Elder

    LOL YOU LOOK SO MAD,why u so mad faggot,i guess u just hate people who u cant win it makes sense
  11. ZoBiNaTiOn

    ZoBiNaTiOn Knight

    GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY TOPIC IF YOU WANNA FLAME ANICH,youre not allowed to trashtalk on my topic.
    and also who the fuck are you?
  12. AnichCrew

    AnichCrew Elder

    flame is free let them flame.ur hate makes me more famous go ahead
  13. qRt

    qRt Elder

    Since you fail everything you do - its exact time to tell you that there is a huge difference between flaming and telling the truth, if you play like a shit and sm1 tell you about that it doeant mean the he flames you. Java that doesnt know that you have to learn skills every 2 lvls must be forbidden todownload the client.
    Plus I can do w/e i want at any topic, peace dog, calm your tits.
  14. TheDominator

    TheDominator Grand Duke

    Do U know, will be play fishfood, and if yes, then in what tage? Thanks
  15. qRt

    qRt Elder

    No idea, i guess with Ex, as he always does. Why are you asking?)

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