Discussion in 'Clan recruitment' started by ZoBiNaTiOn, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. ZoBiNaTiOn

    ZoBiNaTiOn Knight

    Hello everybody.
    We're comming boys you better be ready for this one,i heard this is gonna be awesome so i got my boys ready .
    I don't need to upload a lot of videos . Good luck & Have fun.

  2. AnichCrew

    AnichCrew Elder

  3. Ridney

    Ridney Vassal

    Hell yeah.
  4. KingChango

    KingChango Vagabond

    gl malaka zobi))
  5. ZoBiNaTiOn

    ZoBiNaTiOn Knight

    thanks malaka you too )
  6. Mephisto

    Mephisto Heir

  7. ZoBiNaTiOn

    ZoBiNaTiOn Knight

  8. Treshak

    Treshak Heir

  9. TheDominator

    TheDominator Grand Duke

  10. AnichCrew

    AnichCrew Elder

    isnt the guy treshak that got trashed 9v9? xd
  11. Medovyi

    Medovyi Knight

  12. AnichCrew

    AnichCrew Elder

  13. Treshak

    Treshak Heir

  14. AnichCrew

    AnichCrew Elder

    u posting a fraps that shows u backstub us while we already had killed people while we was canceled,decent 9v9
  15. ZoBiNaTiOn

    ZoBiNaTiOn Knight

    Javashak back to your java bro :) there's fraps on mephisto channel u lost 9vs9 but im playing cs now,and btw it was mage server cause we were doing 2k dmg with archers . cya ingame i will shit on you like on everybody else.

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